The Way to Cape May is the story of childhood sweethearts Delaney and Dalton as they prepare for their seaside wedding in Cape May, New Jersey.

When seven-year-old Dalton knocked over Delaney’s sandcastle that one fateful day, no one would have guessed they’d get engaged on that same beach, twenty years later. What started out as rivals soon became a friendship that blossomed into an attraction. But aside from a brief fling one teenage summer, the two were never both available at the same time—until destiny stepped in to arrange a chance meeting in an unlikely setting. Now, as they prepare to march down the aisle, there’s no question in anyone’s mind these childhood sweethearts are destined to spend their lives together.

Or are they?

A series of unfortunate events threaten to crash the party, including an unwelcome RSVP from Mother Nature. But even she won’t take the cake once Groomzilla emerges with a potentially life-altering secret that may detour this fairy tale wedding to a Happily Never After before they can say “I don’t”.

As guests make their way to the wedding, they are taken on a detour of their own as they’re forced to reconsider their own choices in love, life, and career. The Way to Cape May is not just a weekend trip down the shore to celebrate the love of one couple, but a journey of self-discovery for all.

So what are you waiting for? Save The Date, grab a cocktail, and get ready for the Chicken Dance. You never know what the night—and destiny—may have in store.