Cast of Characters

Delaney Ross (Bride) is a successful attorney with a prestigious firm in Philadelphia who carefully planned a simple, elegant, seaside wedding. Enter groomzilla, who tears into Delaney’s plans and tries to turn it into a gaudy, elaborate affair. She doesn’t know what’s worse – him, or the fact that Mother Nature has RSVP’d with a tempestuous plus-one.

Prior to becoming engaged, Dalton Brooks (Groom) was a mild-mannered investment broker, until he was bit by the wedding bug and morphed into a rip-roaring, unbridled Groomzilla with a life-altering secret that may careen this wedding into a happily never after.

Kate Ross (Sister of the Bride / Maid of Honor) is a D.C. lobbyist who can’t lobby for herself when it comes to finding love until an accidental phone switch has her dialed into someone completely new – and unexpected.

JJ Ross (Brother of the Bride) is a seventeen-year-old high school junior whose only goal in life was to see the Eagles win a Super Bowl, until that day he saved his father’s life—and his sister’s wedding

Cleo Duggan (Friend of the Bride / Bridesmaid) is a gum-smacking bartender who doesn’t believe in love or destiny, until both serve her with a surprise.

Tori Edwards (Friend of the Bride / Bridesmaid) has given up her career as a photographer to support the campaign of her boyfriend, State Representative Theodore “Ted” Roberts (R-PA), until reality comes into focus and she pictures a new life for herself.

Marley Maguire (Bride’s Intern) is a law student and intern for Delaney’s firm. She thinks she’s found Mr. Right when Mr. Maybe comes along and tests her knowledge.

Sam Adams (Bride’s Other Intern) is Marley Maguire’s best friend and fellow law student. He’s passionate about three things: the Philadelphia Eagles, surfing and cheesesteaks (wit). But he has room for a fourth – as long as he can figure out a way to win her heart.

Fifteen-year-old Bella Baxter (Groom’s niece / Junior Bridesmaid) would do anything to escape family vacation. When she’s forced to take her pipsqueak brother to the boardwalk, a chance encounter with The Cutest Boy takes her on the ride of her life.

Eli Baxter (Groom’s nephew / Ringbearer) wants to fly to the highest heights of his life, on the roller coaster he’s waited years to ride. When he doesn’t make the height requirement, Eli sets out to prove that even the smallest of bodies can make a big difference in others’ lives.